Summer 2020 at Stundars

In the summer 2020 you can experience what life was like in Ostrobothnia in the beginning of the 1990s. You can choose to try your hand at everyday chores as they were done then, or simply observe and hear about the lifestyle and work methods of the era. 

Play enviroments

In Play Farmhous, in its´ authentic atmosphere, children can imagine they are part of old-fashioned country life. In the Play Barn, our wooden animals need to be fed and cared for by small farmhands. In the Children´s Country Shop, young visitors can have fun weighing, measuring, buying and selling goods. In the Carpenter´s Workshop there are real tools and children can have a go at hammering and sawing. Various arts and crafts events take place in the museum village during the summer season. Please go to our website and follow Stundars on social media for up-to-date information. 

Stundars Animal Barn

All our animals here at Stundars will be moving to a totally new area in the museum village this summer. At the new animal park there will be guided tours, allowing visitors to see how the animals are fed and tented. The Stundars animals are sheep, goats, hens and rabbits.