Stundars is open On Thursdays

For the time being, ‘warm talk’ about history will be arranged every Thursday from 10.3 2022 in the Blacksmith’s cottage at Stundars. We have chosen to use the term ‘warm talk’ for several different reasons. One reason is that the Blacksmith’s cottage is warm every Thursday. Another reason is that we want to give time for dialogue. Everyone has their own story and should have time to tell it, to be confirmed. Get time, give time. Just drop in between 12 and 3 p.m. Thursday host is project manager Karl David Långbacka and others from Stundars’ staff will participate every time.

We keep the fire burning in the corner stove and offer coffee and juice. Maybe some home-baked in addition at some point? All ages are welcome. We speak Swedish, Finnish, and English. Free entrance. We want to talk history and make history with you!

We can also talk about some of the themes we have picked from national and international calendars for the current week:

Women’s Day 10.3
Historical background, steps towards equality. Object: Högfors stove                                               

Water Day 17.3
Stundars’ film about water (in Swedish and Finnish). Object: wash basin

Waffle Day 24.3
What sweets /desserts / pastries were available? Object: Candies from the village shop. Klara, 11 years old, in contemporary outfit, bakes/serves waffles modern style.

Children’s Book Day 31.3
Object: Boken om Vårt Land etc. Corresponding books in Finnish. History views in these? Talk about idioms and how children perceive them. Visit to the village school.

World Health Day 7.4
Health and illness in older times. Ergonomics, alcohol, pandemics. Folk beliefs and superstition. Objects: Cupping iron and enema syringe.       

Easter Week 14.4
Easter decorations, egg painting and baking ’memma’ (mämmi).                                                      

The paintings on the walls 21.4
What paintings were there, different types? Portraits, ‘Russian paintings’, emigrant photos. Lecture: Our Russian Czars. Guest artist Matilda Enegren participates. Object: Nicholas II                             

Veterans Day 28.4
Soldier’s cottage, guided tour