The formation of Stundars open-air museum was initiated in 1938 when the elementary-school teacher Gunnar Rosenholm founded a museum society in Solf. Today the museum area is managed by the registered Stundars Association.

The museum consists of some sixty buildings that were all relocated from the villages in Korsholm and the Vaasa region. Mr Rosenholm was an ardent collector of peasantry objects and was able to inspire the locals to participate in this extraordinary museum project. The buildings have been furnished to illustrate life at the turn of the 20th century. The farmhouse stands tall, surrounded by its storehouses, cowshed, loft, and baking cottage. The simpler crofter’s cottages and the workshops stand in contrast to the relative wealth of the farmer. Those who did not own farming land had to make their living as dayworkers and craftsmen.

Virtual map of the museum

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