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Rag rug

When preparing the soldier’s cottage at Stundars for display in the early 1990s, museum founder and curator Gunnar Rosenholm (1912-1999) diligently researched the furnishings of such cottages in the late 18th century. He took special interest in the textiles of the bunk bed. During his expeditions in the region in the 1950s, he had seen a rag rug in a seal-hunting boat in Replot. His research showed that in the 18th century only farmers and people of rank could afford rag rugs, so called proddy rugs, with pile made from wool yarn. Crofters had rugs made from rags. Still in

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Dental float

This medical device was the property of farmer Matts Mattsson Östman “Massis-Matt” (born 1839) of western Solf. He was a veterinarian in great demand who had learnt his skills from the parish clerk and organist Johannes Backman of Solf. He was known especially for his skills in equine medicine. The float is an iron tool, 51 cm long, with a cylindrical wooden handle. There are visible grooves from filing horses´ teeth where the head meets the shaft. It is said that Matts Östman considered inflammation of the gum tissue to be the cause of many horse diseases. He believed the

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