Most of the museum buildings at Stundars are difficult to access by wheelchair. All the buildings have steps at the entrance and tall thresholds. Hemmer’s House has a wheelchair ramp and an accessibility lift inside.


A wheelchair-accessible restroom is available in the building adjacent to the Rofhöks cottage. Entrance without steps.



Cirkas shop and café is located on the ground floor of the Gros building. Entrance without steps.




Our guided tours and events can be adapted for visitors with disabilities, such as vision or hearing impairment. We offer guided tours to all our visitors, but please inform us of any special needs when booking.



Visitors with vision impairments should note that some of the museum buildings may be dark and narrow. However, there are exciting museum environments at Stundars, which can be experienced with all senses. For the visually impaired there are objects that can be touched.



Guide dogs are welcome in the museum area.




Stundars offers practical workshops, which can be adapted to visitors with special needs.



During the school year there is a bus connection to the centre of Solf. The closest bus stop lies 300 metres from Stundars.