Outdoor activites now and at Winter Holiday at Stundars

You may visit Stundars Open Air Museum on Winter Holiday (week 9) with do-it-yourself activities at the museum area from 1st of March 9 am to 5th of March 3 pm. Part of the activities on weather reservation. Free entry. Remember to keep the distance to others. Welcome! NOTE: We have already begun to build the snow castle and do the snow art at Stundars, near Smith´s cottage. Welcome to build and make art!

At Stundars museum area on 1st to 5th of March:

Fairy-tale -path (collaboration with Library of Mustasaari)

Spinnig sled

Sled hill for the small children

Ski trail for the small children, also adults

Do-not-touch-the ground -path

Play area for the old times winter outdoor play. See directions at Stundars homepage.

At Stundars museum area from 18th of February to 4th of March:

Come and build the ice castle and snow art at Stundars, at Smith´s Cottage´s garden! We have started now and we continue until the 4th of March. Do your own ice  “bricks” at home. Put water to the empty milk bottles and freeze them. You can put colours like watercolours to water or some natural materials in the water, like piine cones. Take the ice bricks to Stundars with you and take part in building the ice castle!


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  • 2021-02-18 - 2021-03-05
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