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Taidetyöpajat 12-15 vuotiaille Stundarsin Käsityöläistalossa
torstaina 27 kesäkuuta klo 12.30-16.30
Opettajat Elgé Plytnikaité, Liettua ja Hanuka Lohrengel, Latvia/ taiteilijaryhmä On Northern Routes 

Ilmoittautuminen: tai puh 06-344 2200 viimeistään 25 kesäkuuta  2019. 
Maksu 10 € (sis. materiaalikustannukset)

Smell workshop “Recreating a memory” with artist Eglé Plytnikaité, Lithuania

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory and can bring back to the experiences from the past. 

During the workshop we will explore the world of natural substances and look for the smells that are significant to each of us. Every participant will create their unique scent palette and mix their own mist that recreates the memory they want to relive again and again.

All the materials will be provided. However, we encourage you to bring your notebooks to mark all the new info and ideas.

Duration: 1,5h – 2h
Language: main English, Swedish and Finnish


“Capturing Summer” with artist Hanuka Lohrengel, Latvia

In the midst of summer it is hard to imagine that the warm season will come to an end again. To capture the memory of sweet smelling fields and flowers  people have tried to preserve summer plants since ancient times, whether through drying, pressing, weaving or drawing. 

To create exact copies of their favorite plants and thus bring a summer memory onto paper the old art of printing was used.

During this workshops also we will discover one kind of a printing technique: Gelatine printing. With just a few tools we will create stunning black and white copies of collected natural materials, composing delicate mandalas and expressive nature replicas.

No previous experience with printing techniques are required.

Duration: 1,5h – 2h
Language: English, Swedish and Finnish

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  • 2020-07-03
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