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Artist group On Northern Routes – exhibition in The Animal Barn & Hemmer’s House 27.6-15.8.2019

On Northern Routes is a growing union of artists seeking to explore the memories and values of a Northern identity. Group’s aim is to explore how the relation between people and nature is practiced, seen and valued on the Northern fringes of contemporary Europe.

The need for a more sustainable living is obvious – On Northern Routes is searching for a guidance that is rooted in the forgotten techniques, ancient beliefs and methods that form the columns of Northern culture. However, group’s goal is not to idealise the past where human and nature connection was vital but to have a renewed and modern view on how this connection could be functioning today and which changes it could bring.

The artist group consists of; illustrator Johanna Lohrengel (Latvia), illustrator Eglé Plytnikaite (Lithuania), photoartist Ilar Gunilla Persson (Sweden) and photoartist Patricia Rodas (Finland)

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  • Date:

  • 2022-08-08
  • 00:00 - 00:00
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