Museum Thursday at Rofhöks

What do All Saints’ Day, Halloween, Kekri, Día de Muertos and Samhain have in common, and what are the differences between them? The transitional period between autumn and winter has since ancient times been an important time in the crop year, regardless of what it is called.

In the Nordic countries Michaelmas and All Saints’ Day have been especially important holidays for farmers, because before winter all harvest work must be finished, and the winter stores must be filled. This is followed by a long and uneasy wait for next summer, which is why many people have steeled themselves for winter through harvest festivals. It was also believed that the spiritual world became more active trough longer and darker nights. This is why many people throughout Europe have lit small lanterns, to help guide the recently deceased to the afterlife.

Welcome to Museum Thursday at Rofhöks, to hear about the mutual origins about folk and church festivities, and how ancient and new elements have blended together over time.

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  • Date:

  • 2023-06-09
  • 00:00 - 00:00