Museum Thursday

On Thursday 7.4 we celebrate the World Health Day, when awareness is raised for the global health situation and different forms of treatment. Welcome again to the Smith’s Cottage at 12-15 o’clock, when we will discuss health and illness before and now. Free Entry

The art of medicine has developed constantly, but professional healthcare has seldom been available for everybody. Especially in the countryside there have been long distances to visit the nearest doctor, while hospitals in the modern sense have been very rare. Because of this, farmers have had to take care of themselves and protect their health according to their best available knowledge. In many villages there have been cunning folk, who knew practical methods as well as folk medicine to alleviate daily ailments. Among these methods was cupping, which was a form of bloodletting to get rid of bad blood to return the body to balance. The cunning folk have also been rumoured to have magical abilities and knowledge of the supernatural, which was seen as a common cause for both small ailments and deadly diseases.

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  • 2022-07-05
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