Museum Thursday

The Museum Thursday for 21.4 will center around what types of paintings people have used to decorate their homes. We will meet at the Smith’s Cottage as usual, at 12-15 o’clock. Free entry

At the same time our guest artist Matilda Enegren will have an open studio in the Gros Building. With her you can paint and craft your own paintings if you wish to.

Decorations have always been an important part of peoples’ homes, with paintings as a common piece of art. Besides being aesthetically appealing, pictures have much symbolic value and can be used to mark one’s identity. For instance, through portraits of heads of state, such as monarchs, or otherwise important people. Along with photography framed pictures have gradually become more common, as well as more personal, when the pictures often depict relatives and very close family members. The walls can be decorated with all sorts of pictures, from portraits of Czars to beautiful Russian-style paintings with motivational phrases, as well as lithographs and photos of emigrants.

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  • Date:

  • 2022-07-05
  • 00:00 - 00:00
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