Christmas Walk at Stundars

On Wednesday 14.12.2022 you are all welcome to take part in Stundars’ traditional Christmas Walk, at 18-19:30 o’clock. Feel free to bring your own lantern with you on a walk through the museum village, which will be atmospherically lit up with lanterns and outdoor candles.

You can take part in different activities in the museum village. You can listen to an angel-choir outside the Children’s carpenter shed, while inside there is a Nativity display.

You are welcome to the Farm House to listen to the farmer reading from the Christmas gospel, in different languages. At the Smith’s Cottage we will be baking gingerbread, in a cosy scent-filled atmosphere, perhaps even with a small sample.

In the Gray Village we are searching for hidden Christmas-elves, for which you can bring your own flashlight to better find them. Outside the Country Shop you can try your hand at circle-dancing.

With our guest artist Kirsimaria Törönen you can do some cosy crafting in the Animal Barn. Café Cirkas will also be open on this evening.

Welcome everybody! Free Entry!

Event Details

  • Date:

  • 2023-03-21
  • 00:00 - 00:00