Niels Lipasti has started here at Stundars museum 6 of may 2013 as project manager for a Leader project, regarding a future Compence Center for Renovation and old building heritages. Hees aim is to lead the project for the comming year ahead, developing projects and courses, as well as planning advisory services to the public, on preservation of old buildings.

The Competence Center in its various forms  will give guidance in form of  courses, workshops and lectures, allso providing planning assistance for restoration work of old houses. The project schedule extends to 5.5.2014.

Niels Lipasti
Project Manager
Kompetenscentrum Byggnadsvård
Stundars r.f.
Stundarsvägen 5
65450 SULVA, Mustasaari

phone +358 40 757 757 0
phone.  +358 6 344 2226