Nature Trail 6,6 km

Scale 1:10000

Place of interest:



Stundars open-air museum consists of more than 60 buildings relocated from villages in Korsholm and the Vaasa region. The museum village reflects life at the turn of the 20th century in the Swedish-speaking countryside of Ostrobothnia. A visit to Stundars is enjoyable regardless of age and there are year-round activities and events.

The Surveyor’s Stone

The surveyor’s stone is located near the soldier’s cottage at Stundars. It is a granite monument with inscriptions in Russian and Swedish dating from the 1910s.


The Pumping Station

This old pumping station served for almost forty years and is now a museum exhibiting murals made by talented local artists. The museum is open by appointment. There is a bird tower, hay shed and outdoor grill close by.



The Söderfjärden plain is a meteorite impact crater formed 520 million years ago, covering 2300 hectares (5680 acres) of land. Today Söderfjärden is a valuable cultural landscape and fertile farmland, which was drained in the 1920s. Söderfjärden is also one of Finland’s busiest stopover sites for migrating Eurasian Cranes in the autumn.


The Pond

By the pond there used to be an old market place. The site is now home to the studio and exhibition hall of graphic artist Tapani Tammenpää. Open by appointment.