The Crafters Guild Björken is an association for active craftspeople. Its members participate in various artisans' events at Stundars. The association has approximately 100 members and follows the old guild system of apprentices, journeymen and master craftsmen.

If you are would like to become a member or would like to learn a craft – contact us! See events calendar for courses.

Twice a year the association publishes its own journal, Spånkorgen.

Board 2016:
President Lena Lithén, Veikars                    050-5376004
Vice president Anna Nordström, Vasa       050-3701683
Secretary Stina Svarvar, Smedsby               050-3301916
Treasurer Johannes Hjortman, Kvevlax    0500-665708

Board memebers:
Katarina Bengs-Westermark, Vasa
Anders Lindman, Sundom
Marianne Wasberg, Kuni
Hans Österblad, Björköby
Stundars representantive Gunilla Sand, Smedsby